Monday, 6 July 2009

location, location, location...where to cum?

Hello boys, simple question....

If you were to fuck me hard, where would you prefer to drop your first load?

  1. Inside my pussy

  2. On my pussy

  3. On my tits

  4. On my face

  5. In my mouth

  6. On my stomach

  7. On my ass

  8. Inside my ass

  9. or do you prefer to keep your cum to yourself only?


  1. 1 or 8 if we were really going all out lol

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  3. No. 2, on your beautiful pussy, what a turn on.
    I have a question for you Suckpipstits from your previous blog; what do you like on a man: hairy, shaved balls or completely shaved?

  4. dave, in answer to your question : I prefer guys to be trimmed and smooth . But it's much, much more important that their balls are fully loaded, so I can have a good mouth full of cum to swallow....

  5. Do you swallow it all at once or savour the taste?

  6. In your ass, because it's so sexy to watch it run down your cheeks and pussy!!

  7. I can`t but would be on your Face and blur it with my Cock...

  8. Without a doubt, it would be options 1 to 8, hope you're not in any hurry. Wonderful pics

  9. Inside the's fucking a virgin every time ;)

    Great blog.

  10. Definitely No 1 I'd love to slide my big hard cock in there and fill you up ....