Monday, 6 July 2009

location, location, location...where to cum?

Hello boys, simple question....

If you were to fuck me hard, where would you prefer to drop your first load?

  1. Inside my pussy

  2. On my pussy

  3. On my tits

  4. On my face

  5. In my mouth

  6. On my stomach

  7. On my ass

  8. Inside my ass

  9. or do you prefer to keep your cum to yourself only?

I'm thinking of a restyle...what do you prefer?

We all have our preferences but which do YOU prefer?

  1. Shaved pussy
  2. waxed pussy
  3. landing strip
  4. clipped and trimmed
  5. full bush but with pussy lips bare
  6. full bush - like a jungle

Dont be shy now....

Monday, 22 June 2009

Rear entry debate

Pussy vs. Asshole, the great debate!

Pussies are fun, wet and accomodating, but for some assholes are even better!
Some would say that nothing beats rimming a naughty girl from behind and feeling her ass tightening around their hard cock with every stroke until they explode into orgasm.
I like to let my cum trickle down between my ass cheeks. Once I'm lubricated I’m ready for some deep ass pounding. The feeling is exquisite and I love it when he gets his balls deep so they slam on my wet pussy. I'll then play with my clit, teasing myself, until I cum.
As long as it’s deep and hard, I’m a happy bunny!

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

fun in doors

After enjoying the sunshine outdoors, it was time to bring my tanned nipples indoors for a spot of topless cleaning.

Had great fun with a feather duster...I think the builders working on the house opposite enjoyed what they saw too. When I realised I had an audience, I dropped out of my short skirt & showed them my tiny thong and slowly began to rub my pussy, Once I was nice & wet, I moved upstairs to my bedroom. I removed my thong & cleaned my bedroom windows showing off my freshly shaven pussy to the street...totally naked, my tits swayed seductively, gently brushing against the pane of glass as I rubbed off all the polish. Now clean, I noticed, one of the builders had moved upstairs. At first he stood motionless staring at me through an open window, then he began to rub is trousers, finally unable to contain his throbbing cock any longer, he dropped his trousers & began to wank off in full view of the street, in front of the open window. Standing towards me, I moved closer to the window so that he could get a better look at my large pert nipples and neat wet pussy. Reaching for one of my toys I began to play with my pussy, dipping my vibrator deeper into my wetness slowly at first, but then faster & deeper.

I heard him start to grown, I had to hold onto the window pane my climax being so intense. I saw him cum, shooting over the upper window pane of glass. I was close behind him, my legs shaking as I squirted cum down my legs.

Giving me a quick wink, he left the room. I slipped on my silk gown & laid down on my bed. I enjoyed a long snooze, in the late afternoon sun...wonder what he will say next time I see him on the street?

That was enough teasing for one day, so gave the randy builders a cheeky ass wigglewave and closed the curtains for a play with my wet pussy and tight ass.

Monday, 8 June 2009

Natural & bouncy...

Dont know about you guys, but I love tits too...

Mine are particular sensitive and are sooo easily aroused they are on show almost all the time! I love to play with my nipples & caress them when I think I'm not being watched...

I'm blessed with great tits, they are natural, bouncy and pert and for that I thank my mother.

I'm stoking mine now as I blog, they are pert, my nipples erect, longing to be nibbled...As usual I'm naked on the sofa. But this time I'm fresh from some pussy play. I've left my lips nice and swollen ready to dip my toys into my wetness later...I slowly slide three fingers into my pussy coating them with my juices. Tasting my sweetness, I cant wait any longer...Sorry, but I'm going to withdraw to my bed for some afternoon fun...

I love to perform in front of my bedroom mirror so I can watch my white cum drip from between my lips... wishing you were here.....

Ode to pipps tits

I'm now inspiring poetry! Sent to me yesterday by an admirer, trying to get into my knickers...

By these verses, lovely belle
I entreat you to tell
That you'll let me, at your leisure
Help maximise your pleasure

O beauty of London town
On you I would happily go down
I'd create in you such ripples
If you would let me loose on your nipples
My hands on you would rest
I would caress each breast
And there could be nothing finer
Than to enter your vagina

So do tell me, o horniest girl
If you'll please give me a whirl
So I can complete my mission
And fuck you, o sexy vision

Friday, 5 June 2009

Commano Friday - tales on public transport

Another great commando Friday is coming to a close. Today I embarked on a trip into London town today choosing to use nothing but public transport...

Dressed in a short brown mac wearing not much more than a black lacy bra, I was ready for a trip to "the church". I made sure the tops of my lacy holdups were low enough to flash below the hem of my mac as I sashayed down to Richmond tube station.

Feeling suitably liberated, my pussy was enjoying the breezy bursts of wind as I walked onto the station platform. I was feeling like a minx, so chose to sit in the busiest carriage - opposite two business men deep in conversation. As we arrived into Turnham Green station, one bid his goodbyes & left. After the doors closed, the remaining man began to relax, taking in who was on the carriage around him. I saw him smile, look away then blush....I could feel myself begin to get wet...YES, he had spotted my bare smooth pussy staring him right in the face! He began to fumble around in his bag for his newspaper, but I'm sure he wasn't able to read it as I kept catching him sneaking a look at my now glistening pussy. What a great warm up!

Its been a few weeks since I last made a pilgrimage to "the church". I felt in the mood to try on some sexy underwear...I couldn't decide which classy pieces to reluctantly I left & called in at my fav "accessory" shop - I figured my pussy should be rewarded with a new vibe to play with tonight now its beautifully wet.

I had to stand in a crowded tube on the way home, so not as many opps to flash my pussy as usual. The tops of my stockings did get a few glances...not all admiring - apologies to the old lady wearing pink tweed, didn't mean to lead the young boy - maybe your grandson astray quite yet...

Back home & I've been tweeting with a few followers whilst I've been out. I apologise for being such a prick tease - you know who you are...thanks for giving me some inspiration of where to stick my brand new vibe tho, i do love multitasking...

Laters peeps xx